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     The Provincial Grand Lodge of Worcestershire
The Provincial Grand Lodge of Worcestershire dates from 1847 and covers the area of the old County of Worcestershire, from Dudley in the north to Evesham in the south and as far west as Tenbury Wells and Malvern.


     The United Grand Lodge of England
The United Grand Lodge of England is the governing body of Freemasonry in England, Wales and the Channel Islands.


 The Grand Charity
The Grand Charity is the central grant making charity of all Freemasons in England and Wales. All funding for the Grand Charity comes from donations by individual Freemasons and their families.


          The Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution
The RMBI is a registered charity which established its first Home in 1850 and now provides a comprehensive range of services to older Freemasons and their female dependants, including care in its Homes and Sheltered Accommodation and practical support to those who wish to remain in their own homes.


Websites related to Lodge Semper Fidelis No.529


Semper Fidelis Lodge of Instruction No.529 - website under construction.

Semper Fidelis Chapter No.529


Websites for other Lodges meeting at Rainbow Hill, Worcester


Page Lodge No.3378  

Elgar Lodge No.9254 

The Lodge of St John in Bedwardine No. 7458 

Teme Lodge No. 8491

Catshill Lodge No. 8584


Other Lodges that meet at Rainbow Hill, Worcester


Worcester Lodge No. 280
Wyche Lodge No. 3638
Fort Royal Lodge No. 4565  
Unity Lodge No. 5812
Sabrina Lodge No. 6595

Other Worcestershire Lodge Websites


Lodge of Hope and Charity No. 377

The Royal Standard Lodge No. 498

Lodge of St Michael No. 1097

The Royds Lodge No. 1204 

Lechmere Volunteer Lodge No. 1874

Masefield Lodge No. 2034

Abbot Lichfield Lodge No. 3308

Campbell Lodge No. 3643

Bordesley Abbey Lodge No. 4495

Francis Davies Lodge No. 5035

Halas Abbey Lodge No. 5407

Halesowen Lodge No. 5635

Lodge of St. George No. 5691

Swinford Lodge No. 5729

Old Bromsgrovian Lodge No. 5743

Dofra Lodge No. 5775

Lapal Lodge No. 6031

Old Edwardian Lodge of Stourbridge No. 6141

Elmley Castle Lodge No. 6247

Wernlegh Abbey Lodge No. 6356

Malvern Hills Lodge No. 6896

Old Halesonian Lodge No. 7104

Quarry Lodge No. 7543

Old Carolian Lodge No. 7599

Lodge of The Round Table No. 7961

Sebright Lodge of Old Wolvernians No. 8007

North Worcestershire Lodge No. 8180

Pathfinder Lodge No. 8596

White Ensign Lodge No. 9169

The Morgan Lodge No. 9816 


Other Masonic Websites of Interest


Worcestershire Provincial Library and Museum 

Worcestershire Masonic Motor Club